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All classes at J Park Taekwondo are supervised by highly trained and tenured black belts. Grandmaster Park is the Master that other Masters come to train with. Because of this, our classes often have Masters from all over the world that drop in to train and help teach classes. You won't find other schools that have this level of training available to them. 




We have family discounts and kids in the Afterschool program train for free in night classes!



FREE TRANSPORTATION FROM SCHOOL!! We pick up frpm Hillsborough Academy of Math & Science, Dickenson Elem, Davis Elem, Woodbridge Elem, Bay Crest Elem, Lowry Elem, Farnell Middle, Berkley Prep and Incarnation Catholic School. Others can be arranged depending on your situation. Ask us!


Our Evening classes are smaller and more focused than most.  Grandmaster Park oversees these classes personally. How many places can you go as a white belt and train with a 9th degree Grandmaster? We are one of the very few anywhere.



While it isn't exactly practical to carry a sword any more, it is an amazing way to focus your skill and concentration. We have classes in sword, kama, escrima, bo and cane.



We have many visiting Masters that need someone to train with and they come to Grandmaster Park. He extends the same level of personal training to you. Talk to him for times and prices for one-on-one time with an accomplished, world-recognized Grandmaster.

           SUMMER CAMP


Want your kids safe and happy while you are working this summer? We have an incredible Summer Camp program!

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